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2019-02-17 / 2020-02-17


This is our most popular show for your stag. All organized behind the scenes to ensure your stag is completely unaware he is about to become the star of the Erotic Bar main stage! The signal for the show to begin is when you hear the classic wedding march song being played and two beautiful girls collect your stag and take him on the stage. The stag will then have the experience of a life time by having all manner of delights performed on him by our 2 ladies for all to see. Of course most of the fun will be had by the audience as your stag is well and truly pleasured and most likely humiliated for your entertainment. However every stag is rewarded for his unwilling participation with a celebratory drink at the end of his show.

Лозенец бул. Черни връх 31


бул. Черни връх 31

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